June Update

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Jun 292012

As we come to the close of the month of June, here are some updates for your consideration:


The deadline for AERA Proposals for the 2013 annual meeting in beautiful San Francisco has been moved to MONDAY, July 23rd.  The theme for this year’s conference, Education and Poverty: Theory, Research, Policy and Praxis, speaks to many of you and your work in self-study research.

Please note that you have one more day to pull together your proposals (that’s right, you should plan to turn in more than one proposal targeting the SSTEP SIG, enabling us to have more time slots for presentations!). For specific information about the AERA 2013 annual meeting and the proposal guidelines, please check out the following website:



There have been several queries regarding how to obtain Julian Kitchen’s and Tom Russell’s (editors) 2011 publication from the Canadian Association of Teacher Education, entitled Canadian Perspectives on the Self-Study of Teacher Education Practices.  While pdf files are not attachable to this AERA list-serv system, this publication can be downloaded from the following site:



If you have not submitted your payment information for the 2012 Castle Conference, please do so as soon as possible. Check your email for information from Tom Russell regarding the procedures for providing your information.  In addition, the Castle Conference web site has a source for TAXI information and signing up for sharing a ride to the Castle from the arrival airport. If you are planning to take a taxi, please do complete the information as soon as possible in order to secure a ride to the conference. To sign up for Taxi share riding, go to the following web site:


That’s it for now. Looking forward to seeing those of you planning to attend the Castle Conference, and wishing all of you an enjoyable and productive July.

Deb Tidwell

Jun 212012

Today, June 20th, is the summer solstice (longest day of the year) for the northern hemisphere and the winter solstice (shortest day of the year) for the southern hemisphere.  I am sure you are out celebrating this important astronomical marker heralding the next season of our year. Either way, it’s a great day to think about (and write) your proposals for the 2013 AERA annual meeting, to be held in beautiful San Francisco, California.  As you prepare your proposals, do consider submitting more than one to the S-STEP SIG. Our slots for presentations are determined by the demand – meaning that the more proposals we have the more slots we will be granted by the system.

The theme for the 2013 annual meeting is  Education and Poverty: Theory, Research, Policy and Praxis. As this will be a non-castle year (no Castle Conference in 2013), there will also be a preconference gathering of the S-STEP SIG, which is currently in the planning phase.

The deadline for the submission of proposals is Sunday, July 22nd.

For more information about the submission requirements,  go to:

As you complete and submit your proposals, please do consider volunteering to serve as a chair or discussant for the program.  For information regarding volunteering to serve as a chair or discussant, go to:

We look forward to another outstanding meeting both in the quality of the presentations we will have representing our SIG, and in the location of the conference in fabulous San Francisco!


Tom Russell, a leader in the self-study research community, was honored recently by the Canadian Association for Teacher Education (CATE), receiving the first-ever award for Outstanding Contribution to Research. Many of you know Tom for his writing on self-study research, his presentations at national and international conferences on research on teacher education practices, and his leadership in the self-study community. But many of you also know Tom as the guru of organization for pulling together the details for the International Conference on Self-Study of Teacher Education Practices, which has taken place in England every two years since 1996.

Congratulations to Tom for this well deserved honor and recognition.  For more information about this award, please check out the following website:


SECRETARY POSITION – Recent changes in the SIG’s by-laws calls for the separation of the Secretary-Treasurer position into two unique positions of Secretary and of Treasurer.  Jill Farrell will continue her role as Treasurer through the 2013 conference. There are two candidates running for the new position of Secretary:  Lesley Coia and Kathleen Pithouse-Morgan.  The following bios provide information on each of the candidates:

*Lesley Coia is an associate professor of education at Agnes Scott College in Decatur, Georgia, USA. She has been involved with the self-study of teacher education practices SIG since 2004 when she presented at the sixth Castle conference. Since then she has been a regular presenter, along with her co-author Monica Taylor at the Castle conference. Together they have published several book chapters on self-study including ‘Developing a co/autoethnographic account of teaching experience,’ in D. Tidwell, M. Heston & L. Fitzgerald (Eds.), Research methods for the self-study of practice;  ‘Co/autoethnography: Investigating teachers in relation,’ in C. Lassonde, S. Galman, & C. Kosnik (Eds.), Self-study research methodologies for teacher educators; and ‘From the inside out, and the outside in: Co/autoethnography as a means of professional renewal,’ in C. Kosnik, C. Beck, A. R. Freese, & A. P. Samaras (Eds.), Making a difference in teacher education through self-study.  Lesley is also a reviewer for Studying Teacher Education, and Emotion, Space and Society. In addition to her work in self-study, she is involved in refugee education and has presented several papers on this work to local, national and international audiences. Prior to becoming a teacher educator, Lesley taught English and Drama at the secondary level in England and English as a Foreign Language in Sweden.

*Kathleen Pithouse-Morgan is a Senior Lecturer in Teacher Development Studies in the School of Education, University of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. Kathleen’s research interests include teacher development, self-study of practice, memory studies, HIV & AIDS education, collaborative scholarship, and creative approaches in education and research. She is lead editor of an interdisciplinary book on self-study titled Making Connections: Self-Study & Social Action (Pithouse, Mitchell, & Moletsane, 2009, Peter Lang) and co-editor of the books, Teaching and HIV & AIDS (Mitchell & Pithouse, 2009, MacMillan) and Memory and Pedagogy (Mitchell, Strong-Wilson, Pithouse, & Allnutt, 2011, Routledge). She is the author/ co-author of a number of peer reviewed journal articles and book chapters, the most recent being “Letters to those who dare feel: Using reflective letter-writing to explore the emotionality of research”, published in the International Journal of Qualitative Methods (2012). Kathleen has also given a range of refereed conference presentations at local and international conferences. She is lead editor of a forthcoming themed edition of the Journal of Education (South Africa), titled, Memory and Pedagogy: Beyond Nostalgia. The articles in this special issue call attention to the educational significance and challenges of working with memory and self in relation to pedagogy in South Africa. Kathleen has served as reviewer for a range of academic journals, including, Girlhood Studies, Journal of Education, Perspectives in Education, Journal of Psychology in Africa, Alternation, Educational Research for Social Change, Social Aspects of HIV/AIDS, as well as for the South African National Research Foundation (NRF). In addition to currently leading two funded research projects at the University of KwaZulu-Natal on Memory and Teacher Development Studies and Self-Reflexive Research Supervision, Kathleen is a co-investigator on the NRF-funded Transformative Education/al Studies (TES) project. TES is a three-year (2011-2013) project involving researchers from the Durban University of Technology, Walter Sisulu University and the University of KwaZulu-Natal. This project aims to enhance and study the development of graduate researcher and supervisor capacity through participation in an inter-institutional, trans-disciplinary learning community of academic staff who are pursuing and supervising Masters and Doctoral degrees using the approach of self-study of educational practice.

AERA is in the process of developing the ballot for the election. The announcement of the election and the website for voting will be sent from the AERA office to all active S-STEP SIG members once the ballot is ready.

PROGRAM CHAIRS FOR 2013 – As part of the revisions in the S-STEP SIG by-laws, the program chair was changed from an elected position to an appointed position.  As announced at the S-STEP SIG business meeting during the 2012 AERA conference, Nancy Brown and Jason Ritter have agreed to take on the role of program co-chairs, and will serve for the 2013 and 2014 AERA conferences.  The position of program chair is a demanding role and we are delighted to have Nancy and Jason agree to become the program co-chairs for the S-STEP SIG.  Our thanks to Renee Clift and James Muchmore, the outgoing program co-chairs, for their outstanding work over the last two years, increasing our collaboration with other like-minded SIGs (Action Research and Teachers as Researchers) and providing innovative programming while maintaining the quality and integrity of the program development process.  Both Renee and Jim have graciously offered to share their experiences/expertise and provide support to Nancy and Jason as they take over the reins of program leadership.

CASTLE CONFERENCE EDITORIAL TEAM – Over the past four years, Janet Young, Lynnette Erickson, and Stefinee Pinnegar have served as the editorial team for the Castle Conference, providing leadership in the review process and in the editing of the proceedings for the 2010 and 2012 conferences.  Their tireless work makes the running of the castle program appear seamless, and yet what is not seen overtly is their collaboration with the reviewers and paper authors, creating a published proceeding that both informs and enhances the Castle experience. When they announced that this would be their last conference as the editorial team, we began having conversations among the SIG officers and the current Castle editors, as well as across SIG members to recruit a new editorial team for 2014. After several months of discussion and conferring with interested individuals, I am delighted to announce that Dawn Garbett and Alan Ovens have agreed to take over the editor roles for the 2014 International Conference on Self-Study of Teacher Education Practices.  I know we all thank Dawn and Alan whole-heartedly for their willingness to serve in this capacity. We also thank Janet, Lynette, and Stefinee for their incredible editorial work and for their willingness to provide insights and expertise to the new incoming editorial team.


The August 15-19 international conference on self-study of teacher education practices is fast approaching.  This year there are over 140 people attending the conference. For the first time the conference will be offering a preconference workshop on Wednesday, August 15, entitled Promoting Core Reflection in Coaching by Drs. Fred Korthagen, Younghee Kim, and William Greene.  This is a wonderful conference in its location at the Herstmonceux Castle in East Sussex and in the collaborative community of researchers that come together for an enlightening and intellectually stimulating five days.

For information on the 2012 international conference (including information for first time delegates), go to


There is still time for those attending to sign up for taxi sharing with others. For more information, check out the Taxis information on the Castle Conference 2012 web page.


In June, the Canadian Association for Teacher Education published an e-book titled “Canadian Perspectives in the Self-Study of Teacher Education Practices” edited by Julian Kitchen and Tom Russell. This book features an introduction to S-STEP by Kitchen and Russell, as well as 7 previously published articles by leading Canadian S-STEP teacher educators: Russell, Cole/Knowles, Clarke/Erickson, Bullock, Kitchen, Hopper/Sanford and Kosnik/Beck.

Routledge has published a new 2012 self-study book by Linda Kroll, entitled, Self-Study and Inquiry into Practice: Learning to Teach for Equity and Social Justice in the Elementary School Classroom. For more information about this great text, go to http://www.routledge.com/books/details/9780415600705/

The newest volume in the Self-Study of Teacher Education series published by Springer was introduced at the 2012 AERA conference: Self-Studies of Science Teacher Education Practices by Shawn Bullock and Tom Russell. This volume is the 12th in this series edited by John Loughran. For more information about this volume and other volumes in the series, go to http://www.springer.com/series/7072

The April 2012 issue of the self-study journal, Studying Teacher Education, has six outstanding articles reflecting current self-study research:

  • Nathan Brubaker’s article: Multiple Layers of Self in an Evolving Pedagogy of teacher Education: Conflict and Compromise in a Quest for Classroom Democracy
  • Tim Fletcher’s and Shawn Bullock’s article: Enacting Literacy Pedagogies: A Collaborative Self-Study by Teacher Educators in Physical Education and Science
  • Cheryl Rosaen’s and Marjorie Terpstra’s article: Widening Worlds: Understanding and Teaching New Literacies
  • LouAnn Lovin’s, Wendy Sanchez’s, Keith Leatham’s, Jennifer Chauvot’s, Signe Kastberg’s, and Anderson Norton’s article: Examining Beliefs and Practices of Self and Others: Pivotal Points for Change and Growth for Mathematics Teacher Education
  • Julie Pennington’s, Cynthia Brock’s, Tammy Abernathy’s, Ann Bingham’s, Elza Major’s, Lynda Wiest’s, and Elavie Ndura’s article: Teacher Educators’ Dispositions: Footnoting the Present with Stories from Our Pasts
  • Arlene Grierson’s, Mary Lynn Tessaro’s, Christina Grant’s, Maria Contalini-Williams’, Rick Denton’s, Keith Quigg’s, and Jeff Bumstead’s article: The Bricks and Mortar of Our Foundation for Faculty Development: Book-Study Within a Self-Study Professional Learning Community

If you have net yet had a chance to subscribe to Studying Teacher Education, you can access the Taylor & Francis web page at http://www.tandf.co.uk/journals – the subscription costs are dramatically reduced for S-STEP members and provide three issues each year of current and thought provoking research in self-study of teacher education practices.


Margaret Macintyre Latta has provided the following post for a position announcement for an Academic Chairperson for the Department of Teaching, Learning, and Teacher Education in the College of Education and Human Sciences,
University of Nebraska-Lincoln, USA.  The full position announcement is provided as an attachment. For more information about this announcement, please contact:
Dr. Karl D. Hostetler, Chair, TLTE search committee
1430 Vine St., 118 Henzlik Hall
University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Lincoln, NE 68588-0355
Email: khostetler1@unl.edu
Phone: 402-472-2392


Be sure to check out the website for the S-STEP SIG at: http://sstep.blogs.uoit.ca/
At this site you will have access to recent S-STEP activity, archives of S-STEP newsletters and other communications, recent Castle Conference information, S-STEP SIG Twitter page, and more!


If you have information you would like to have included in the next newsletter (slated for August 2012), such as publications, award announcements, current research, job opportunities, innovative self-study practices, self-study conferences or meetings in your area, or other information you believe would be of interest to members of the S-STEP SIG, send your information to me at deborah.tidwell@uni.edu.

I wish you all a productive and energizing June, July and August. Remember to post your proposals for AERA 2013 by the July 22 deadline. And keep a look out for the AERA announcement for the election of a Secretary for the S-STEP SIG – and plan to vote.

I look forward to seeing those of you planning to attend the Castle Conference. See you August 15th!

Deb Tidwell, Chair
Self-Study of Teacher Education Practices SIG
American Educational Research Association

(Text taken from http://www.queensu.ca/news/articles/professor-draws-praise-research-teacher-education)

Professor draws praise for research on teacher education

Tom Russell, a pioneer in self-study teaching and teacher education practices, recently received the first-ever award for Outstanding Contributions to Research in Teacher Education in Canada from the Canadian Association for Teacher Education (CATE).

Dr. Russell has been exploring how teachers learn from their own teaching practices for 20 years. His research helps seasoned teachers continue growing and trains teacher candidates how to learn from their earliest experiences in the classroom.

“Students like practicums and know they’re important, for instance, but that doesn’t mean they’re getting the most they can from them,” he says. “We want students to think about their experiences, analyze them, make sense of them, and ask how they could be better.”

Dr. Russell met four other recent PhD graduates in the 1980s who, like him, wanted to better understand how teachers could learn from their own experiences. They realized how easy it is to follow the same pattern in the classroom for years on end. In order to adapt and improve, they believed teachers need to stand back from their lessons to analyze and study their own teaching practices.

Dr. Russell and his colleagues started a group within the American Educational Research Association called the Self-Study of Teacher Education Practices, and quickly had 300 members. The group has hosted a biennial international conference at the Bader International Study Centre since 1996. In 2005 the group launched a journal, Studying Teacher Education: A Journal of Self-Study of Teacher Education Practices, which Dr. Russell co-edits.

Over the last 10 years, Dr. Russell has integrated his long-standing interest in self-analysis with a desire to learn how teachers listen to students. At the end of every class, his students hand in small slips of papers with brief comments about the key idea they took away, and what they want to understand better. Many thousand such slips of paper remind him how teaching needs constant refinement, feedback, and study.

From Julian Kitchen:
In June, the Canadian Association for Teacher Education published an e-book titled “Canadian Perspectives in the Self-Study of Teacher Education Practices” edited by Julian Kitchen and Tom Russell.

This book features an introduction to SSTEP by Kitchen and Russell, as well as 7 previously published articles by leading Canadian SSTEP teacher educators: Russell, Cole/Knowles, Clarke/Erickson, Bullock, Kitchen, Hopper/Sanford and Kosnik/Beck.

The book is attached to this post as a PDF file. Please feel free to share it with colleagues!

Polygraph Vol. 2 – Book on Self-Study

Hello again, we’re getting close. Thanks again for your patience and supportive comments.
One of the last pieces of the puzzle fell into place today when I confirmed a second garden for Friday–the first garden could only take one busload.

If you are NOT doing the Wednesday trip OR the Friday afternoon trip, you can just delete this message and get on with life!

If you are interested in EITHER or BOTH trips, I need you to respond to a short, 5-question survey (yes, I’ve gone survey mad…)
Information about both trips is now posted on the conference site I’ve been constructing at http://tinyurl.com/castle2012
and is also available by a link on the survey page.

The survey is at https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/2012trips

With luck, I’ll have your invoices by May 31 and you can submit  payment information between June 1 and 15.

In the next few weeks I will post information about taxis from Heathrow Airport and Polegate (train stop from Gatwick Airport).
I will also arrange another survey (!!) for those traveling alone who are interested in trying to pair up with someone arriving about the same time to share a taxi.

Dear castle colleagues,

I am very grateful to you for your quick work in checking details on rooms and sending me corrections.  Fortunately, most adjustments involved getting the arrival date shown correctly, but I had somehow managed to leave two people off the rooms list, so that has now been corrected.

There are still a few places left in the Pre-Conference Workshop on Core Reflection.  Details of this special event are now on the web at https://sites.google.com/site/castleconference2012/home/pre-conference-details  If you would like to attend, please let me know right away before I send out the invoices.

I appreciate all your notes; it’s important to get things right for the world’s best educational conference!  Don’t hesitate to write, and don’t hesitate to follow up if you don’t hear back in a day or two.


Dear castle colleagues,

Thank you for your patience!  I am writing to ask you to go to this link


and scan the 3 columns for your own surname.  This will tell you the type of room that you have been assigned.  If there is an X in the column to the right of your name, this indicates that you said you expected to arrive on  Tuesday the 14th.  If your plans have changed (so that an X should be removed or added), please send me a quick note to let me know.  I will be sending the list of room assignments to the Castle at the end of next week.

ALSO, if you are arriving on Tuesday and want to join the group for dinner at the  Smugglers Wheel, please go to


and make your choices for your meal that evening.

If you hoped for an ensuite room but I was not able to assign you one, first, thanks for understanding!
Inevitably, there are a few cancellations between now and August 14. If you would like to be on a waiting list for an ensuite room, send me a note.

I hope to complete calculations of your invoice next week and send you that calculation.  This is where things get serious!
I hope to have you send (securely) your credit card information between June 1 and 15.
The charge will be processed at the Castle, in UK pounds.
It is particularly important that you call the number on your credit card and tell them that there will be a charge coming from the UK
If you don’t do this, the castle winds up having to process your account twice and I wind up having to write to ask you to call your bank.
YOUR HELP with this will be appreciated beyond words!
It also helps to triple-check the numbers you enter (I’ll probably wind up repeating all this) because one wrong digit takes us back to square one.

Again, thanks for your patience.  We will get there, and it will be a memorable conference!


Apr 052012

AERA is fast approaching! We are all gearing up for the annual meeting in Vancouver.  As you prepare for your presentation and travels, be sure to check out our April 2012 Newsletter (attached). It includes all the sessions being sponsored by the S-STEP SIG.  We would like you to pay particular attention to the S-STEP Gathering on Saturday night and the Business Meeting on Sunday night:

Our annual social gathering is a wonderful place to get together to discuss research, catch up with friends, and meet and network with new S-STEP colleagues. All are welcome!
Time:  Sat, Apr 14: 5:30-6:30
Place: Pan Pacific Vancouver Hotel Cascades Lounge
For more information on food and beverages available at the Pan Pacific, visit their website at


Another important gathering at AERA is our Self-Study of Teacher Education Practices SIG Business Meeting: There’s No Business Meeting Like the S-STEP Business Meeting!
Time: Sun, Apr 15 :6:15pm-7:45pm
Place: Vancouver Convention Center,  Second Level – West Room 222
Plan to come and bring your colleagues. The updated bylaws will be shared along with officer reports, plans for the future, potential for unbridled entertainment, and much much more! Great food will be provided along with a cash bar.

As part of the SIG business meeting, we like to honor those who over the past year have been promoted, have published articles, chapters, or books,  or have received honors or awards for their professional work. Please let us know of your accomplishments this year. Send any updates and information to deborah. tidwell@uni.edu.

Tom Russell, one of our Canadian colleagues with insights into unique and special sites in Vancouver, has provided a recommendation for those attending this year’s conference:

During your time in Vancouver for S-STEP (and AERA), I want to recommend that your exploration of the city include Coastal Peoples Fine Arts Gallery. LaVerne and I discovered them some years ago when they only had a store in Yaletown. Now they also have a store in Gastown, not far from the Vancouver Convention Centre, at 312 Water Street, where the hours are 10 to 6, 11 to 6 on Sunday. Their website is http://www.coastalpeoples.com/  Western Canada has some impressive First Nations artists and these stores are among the best places to admire their efforts. Whether you buy for yourself, choose a gift to take home or just go to see the work, I highly recommend seeking them out.

In less than two weeks we will be gathering in Vancouver for another fantastic annual meeting. I hope you find the attached newsletter helpful in perusing the Self-Study SIG sponsored sessions.  See you soon in Vancouver!

Deb Tidwell, Chair
Self-Study SIG

An annoucement from Mieke Lunenberg and Anastasia Samaras:

We would like to introduce to you this great South-African group of Self-Study Colleagues with which we had the honour to work with for three days in Durban.

The work in South Africa is a grant-funded self-study project – Transformative Education/al Studies (TES) with three universities (Durban University of Technology, University of KwaZulu-Natal, Walter Sisulu University). Participants are students who are pursuing Master’s and Doctoral studies through self-study of their practice in higher education across various disciplines and their academic supervisors. TES aims to enhance and study the development of self-reflexive pedagogic, research and supervision capacity among these participants.

Anastasia Samaras & Mieke Lunenberg

Feb 222012


•       AERA Schedule
•       Research Opportunity – Critical Friend
•       Job Postings
•       Publication Possibilties
•       Upcoming Newsletter

As AERA fast approaches, I imagine many of your are getting ready by finalizing your papers and completing your final travel arrangements. We are looking forward to a great conference this year with self-study sessions highlighted every day of the conference. The following is a brief overview of the Self-Study sessions, including our fabulous Self-Study SIG Business Meeting on Sunday. Look forward to seeing all of you there in beautiful Vancouver. (For those having difficulty reading this Listserv page, the newsletter information is also attached.

AERA SSTEP Presentations Schedule Overview  (for specifics go to http://www.aera.net/ and log in to Annual Meeting Program Portal)

Constructing Identities Through Self-Study
Session type: Roundtable Session
Time: Fri, Apr 13 – 12:00pm – 1:30pm
Place: Vancouver Convention Center, Floor Second Level – East Room 1

“Starting With Ourselves”: Perspectives From the Transformative Education/al Studies Project
Session type: Symposium
Time: Sat, Apr 14 – 8:15am – 9:45am
Place: Vancouver Convention Center, Floor Third Level – West Room 305

Showcasing the Diverse Facets of Self-Study Research (Organized by Sharon Cormany Ornelas & James Muchmore as a joint Poster Session Event)
Session type: Poster Session
Time: Sat, Apr 14 – 12:25pm – 1:55pm
Place: Vancouver Convention Center, Floor First Level – East Ballroom B

Improving Science Education Through Self-Study
Session type: Roundtable Session
Time: Sun, Apr 15 – 8:15am – 9:45am
Place: Vancouver Convention Center, Floor First Level – East Ballroom A

When Knowing Is Not Enough: Critical Examination of Self-Study of Practice Methodology
Session type: Symposium
Time: Sun, Apr 15 – 12:25pm – 1:55pm
Place: Vancouver Convention Center, Floor Second Level – West Room 205

Self-Study of Teacher Education Practices SIG Business Meeting: There’s No Meeting Like S-STEP!
Session type: Business Meeting
Time: Sun, Apr 15 – 6:15pm – 7:45pm
Place: Vancouver Convention Center, Floor Second Level – West Room 222

Session type: Poster Session
Time: Mon, Apr 16 – 12:25pm – 1:55pm
Place: Vancouver Convention Center, Floor First Level – East Ballroom B

Writing, Literacy, and Self-Study
Session type: Roundtable Session
Time: Mon, Apr 16 – 2:15pm – 3:45pm
Place: Vancouver Convention Center, Floor First Level – East Ballroom C

Scholars of Studying Teaching Collaborative: A Cross-Disciplinary Initiative to Improve Our Practice as University Instructors
Session type: Symposium
Time: Mon, Apr 16 – 4:05pm – 5:35pm
Place: Vancouver Convention Center, Floor Second Level – West Room 219

Processes and Impacts of Collaborative Self-Study
Session type: Paper Session
Time: Tue, Apr 17 – 8:15am – 10:15am
Place: Vancouver Convention Center, Floor Second Level – West Room 214

Exploring the Intersections of Self-Study, Science Teaching, and Science Teacher Education
Session type: Symposium
Time: Tue, Apr 17 – 10:35am – 12:05pm
Place: Vancouver Convention Center, Floor Second Level – West Room 208&209

Opportunity to Participate as a Critical Friend

Would you like to be our critical friend?

Our research group (more specific Jurrien Dengerink, Fred Korthagen and Mieke Lunenberg) has received a grant of the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO) to conduct a review study on the professional development of teacher educators. We would like to involve S-STEP colleagues as critical friends on two or three moments during our study. Our present idea is that our requests will each take a maximum of half an hour of your time.  If you are interested in being our critical friend, please send an email to m.lunenberg@ond.vu.nl. Very much appreciated!

Thank you,
Best wishes,

Dr. Mieke Lunenberg
Onderwijscentrum Vrije Universiteit
[Centre for Educational Training, Assessment and Research]
phone +31(0)20-5989222/46
Post Address:
De Boelelaan 1105
1081 HV Amsterdam
Visiting Address:
Prof. E.M. Meijerslaan 2
1183 AV Amstelveen

Job Postings:

The Oakland University Faculty Employment site has the following position that you may be interested in.

Title: Assistant/ Associate Professor of Urban Education

Department: Teacher Develop & Ed Stdy

Posting Number: 0000052

Responsibilities of this faculty position in urban education include: teaching courses for new teachers at undergraduate and graduate levels with a focus on urban education at the Oakland University main campus and at off-campus sites in Detroit; taking a leadership role in working collaboratively with other professionals in urban schools; developing a program of scholarship and publication; acquiring external funding; and providing service within and beyond the university. The salary for this position is dependent upon qualifications and is accompanied by a substantial benefits package.

If you are interested in applying for this position, you can apply for the position on our employment site at: https://academicjobs.oakland.edu/

Assistant/Associate Professor International Elementary Education (Term Faculty)
The George Mason University, College of Education and Human Development is seeking a full-time, term faculty member (Assistant/Associate Professor) to provide teaching, advising and professional development course support services in international elementary education.

The base teaching load would be 4-4-2 during the academic year and summer term, respectively, with a focus on elementary courses in either social studies or literacy, and advanced courses for teachers in Level I of the International Baccalaureate (IB). In addition, the individual in this position would be responsible for mentoring adjunct faculty assigned to teach other sections of elementary methods and IB courses in the FAST TRAIN (FT) program, attending FT elementary education faculty meetings, and contributing to program development efforts in FT elementary education. Professional development course support duties will include coordinating scheduling needs and instructors for professional development courses in the local school districts, and working with distance learning resource personnel to accommodate the needs of teachers internationally and school districts outside of northern Virginia. Opportunities for international research and working with Ph.D. students in international education are also available.

Required qualifications include an earned doctorate in a field related to the position’s teaching assignments, recent experience teaching graduate-level elementary education courses (social studies/literacy and IB), and familiarity with professional development offerings related to instruction and research in international elementary education. Preferred qualifications include experience in international settings and involvement with online learning initiatives.

Visit https://jobs.gmu.edu/

Great Careers Begin at Mason!
People choose to work at George Mason University for many reasons, and there are even more reasons why they stay for a career including the excitement of being part of a vibrant academic and professional community, surrounded by people whose ideas are shaping tomorrow’s news!

Mason embodies many things, but underlying it all is a commitment to flexibility, creativity, autonomy, and making a difference. Add that to a robust benefits package, a commitment to flexibility as well as work/life options, the opportunity for personal and professional development and you have a career in balance at Mason!

Enrollment is over 32,000, with students studying in over 198 degree programs at campuses in Arlington, Fairfax, Loudoun and Prince William. George Mason University, Where Innovation Is Tradition!

Publication Possibilities

Call for Papers: Responses to a Critical Race Perspective

In each issue of our journal Democracy & Education, we are pleased to feature conversations about topics in democratic education among leading scholars in the field. For our newest issue, we have a recently published a paper on culturally responsive teaching in a teacher education program, and are seeking the submission of responses that extend the conversation about the feature article’s core concerns. Details on the article are below:

There Is No Culturally Responsive Teaching Spoken Here: A Critical Race Perspective
Cleveland Hayes, University of La Verne
Brenda Juarez, University of Massachusetts, Amherst

Abstract: In this article, we are concerned with White racial domination as a process that occurs in teacher education and the ways it operates to hinder the preparation of teachers to effectively teach all students. Our purpose is to identify and highlight moments within processes of White racial domination when individuals and groups have and make choices to support rather than to challenge White supremacy. By highlighting and critically examining moments when White racial domination has been instantiated and recreated within our own experiences, we attempt to open up a venue for imagining and re-creating teacher education in ways that are not grounded in and dedicated to perpetuating White supremacy.

– Submit a Response –
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